About Us

GloTrade Logistics is proud to serve Charlotte, North Carolina and the greater southeastern U.S. We proudly commit ourselves to the customer, using our strongly connected network of carriers to reduce costs and mitigate risk while continually shipping on time and under budget.

Core Values


We are wholly and completely dedicated to our customers. We know that when one foot fails the whole body comes crashing down, so we work harder, longer, and smarter than anyone else to ensure the flow of commodities never dams up.


We know that with the right mindset and tools, nothing can stop us. That’s why we don’t stop until the job is done right and the customer is happy. Anything short of that is failure.

Quality Communication

This is the name of the game. Without proper communication in this business, all is lost. We think of this business as one connected body. The customer is the heartbeat, keeping us alive and fueling us with determination, while we act as the brain, receiving and sending out messages to the rest of the body so that everything comes together smoothly. When we receive a message that the foot has tripped, we send a message to the hands to catch us so that we can keep this body living, breathing, and moving.

Alex Hickson – Founder

Originally from Michigan, Alex moved to North Carolina, along with his wife and daughter, in 2011. In search of better business opportunities, a better school system, and terrific weather, he found it all in the Carolinas. For the previous 15 years, Alex had served as owner of Detroit Home Helpers, a post construction firm. With experience in insurance repair and renovations in the residential sector, completing commercial projects, and budget allocation, Alex is accustomed to “getting the job done.”

Alex has always strongly believed in the value of public service. He began his career in 1995 as a Firefighter in the U.S. Air Force. Returning home to Michigan, Alex continued to serve as a Wayne County Deputy Sheriff and worked with the State Department of Public Safety after relocating to N.C.

Currently, Alex assists U.S. Military forces and government agencies around the world, procuring supplies and traveling to remote locations for various assignments.